Discussion Does AMD really suck in games

Dec 2, 2018
First off all I mean the budget and mid range cpu's and gpu's from AMD
Beacouse of so many games are nvidia optimized or made with intel, I fel like AMD is in disadvantage în the world of gaming
This is how I think if AMD was divided în two companys like intel for cpu's and nvidia for gpu's AMD would easyle beat intel and nvidia . Beacouse to concentrate on two departements in the same time is quiet hard especially when we talk about tehnologi
And I can't understand some people, like they say that AMD is for rendering or encoding and they stil compare AMD with nvidia or intel în games
Is like comparing a football Ball to a basketBall Ball at basketball and be like this football ball is more expensive then the basketball ball and you can't eventual play with it
Look I have a budget to mid range rx 560 4gb from AMD and in games that aren't optimized for any nvidia or amd is perorming the same with the 1050 ti from nvidia, but how some of the most popular games are nvidia optimized the 1050 ti won and in the benchmark that you see on the internet beacouse they are based on popular games that are nvidia optimized we see that the AMD gpu's are bad performing then the nvidia gpu's
And I think that when games will use more resources and more threads and the multy core capability of AMD gpu's and cpu's , intel and nvidia would adaptor to the situation or they will be eclipse by AMD .Sure "eclipsed" is a big Word but you got the thing.
Which AMD department, CPU or GPU ?
CPUs got real boost with Ryzen and only top end GPUs are behind Nvidia. All the way up to 1080, AMD has reasonable answer with lower prices.
As most games are ports from or are also made for different game consoles so does their affinity to Intel/AMD or Nv/AMD.


AMD's don't suck. At least right now; the FX CPUs kinda did. But there's nothing wrong with the GPUs, which are typically excellent bangs-for-buck on the low-midrange. Nvidia does have the more robust flagship GPUs. But when you're talking about budget range (under $200), you'll typically get better value from AMD GPUs.
AMD definitely don’t suck and for many people are a better return of performance for a given budget. However if you want to run a top end system pushing either 4K or the highest FPS in modern AAA games then Intel/NVidia have better options but they come at a price premium.
ALL the games are developed for the PS4/Xbone so AMD cpu and gpu.
Additional filters are just that additional,they get slapped on at the last minute and if it's a nvidia specific filter it will run better on nvidia and if it's an AMD specific one it will run better on amd.