Does anydbody know of a good Micro ATX case?


Jun 9, 2004
I'm new here. Hi. Short introduction: I do stuff with computers.

Now that I got all that out of the way, I'm here for some help. I recently built myself a small computer for the purpose of storing my mp3s and being able to play/listen to them in another room. (The website where I did my best to document the experience is at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.)

Anyways, I'm looking into developing another one for my car. I'm doing my best to try and find the smallest Micro ATX case I can, one where I only have to have one drive in there, a hard drive. I only want a hard drive in there. The one I did use for my project is about the size of an old stereo receiver. It looks OK in my living room, but it might be a little bulky for a decent place in my car.

So, if anybody has any ideas on what I can do, let me know. Thanks. :smile:


Former Staff
I have an AT case here that's a little smaller than that! I'd just look at Newegg. Depeding on the cards you may or may not want, a case with 1/2 height slots might work (normally I wouldn't recommend them), or better yet a case with a PCI riser card that turns a full height card flat.

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