Does anyone actually like Vista?

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Nov 23, 2009
So, in my boredom I was reading around about Vista, and what makes it so allegedly terrible to use. I've never owned it nor had the desire to, as I have used Vista (and attempted to support it) at an internet cafe I used to work at, but I've never really had to use it everyday for regular use. I skipped Vista, not liking it very much when I did use it, and used XP until 7 came out.

So I got thinking- is there anyone who actually has chosen to use Vista and likes it, or even prefers it to XP or 7? And why?

Just thought it would make for some good discussion.
I did choose to buy Vista, but then I also took advantage of the pre-order discounts for 7 when it was about to be released. I liked Vista, to me there was nothing wrong with it. People just got set in their ways with XP (it was the same with 98) and didn't want to switch. Others read a few negative things on the internet and simply regurgitated what they read rather than actually give Vista a try. MS's Mohave experiment proved that people that had preconceived notions about Vista actually liked it when they tried it.

If it had not been for the pre-order discounts, I might still be using Vista on both computers. The 64-bit version ran great... I don't even bother with 32-bit anymore.
What I like about Vista and IMO is Vista's shining star, is its allowed 3 motherboard complete change outs, on the same running operating system and being back in business and up and running within 30 minutes.

Try that with WinXP and see what happens, you'll end up doing a Repair Re-Installation of WinXP, and then re-acquiring all the WinXP updates from your SP release to get back in business.

And that's my 2 cents. Ryan



I personally like Vista. For me it has been a good, stable OS. Pretty much the same as Windows 7, allows me to have classic control panel and classic menus like XP, unlike 7 where they forced you into the new style menus.

Thing on Vista is that Microsoft seemed to rely on 3rd parties to actually have drivers ready. You see what happened there...Then people were so used to XP, plus driver issues, I can see why people didn't like Vista. I had a printer that the manufacturer took 3-4 months to release a driver. Microsoft did a good job by actually having more drivers available for 7 at release. But is Vista a good system still? You betcha in my opinion.


Sep 13, 2011
vista is the greatest os ever built if you use many different programs as i do you will see that the internet as in freeware and share ware and some software just arent compatible with w7 or 64 bit and heres a few things you can do to undo some of the things people say are wrong with vista Here is a list of things you can do to speed up your computer.If your computer is running slowly run a scan with windows defender or other security program to make sure a virus is not the source of your problem . A program like Malware bytes anti malware is very good for removing viruses if no virus is detected go to step 1
Step 1 If your anything like me you look at email ,watch video ,look at pictures search,and read text that means you can go to programs and features and turn off all your windows features more than likely you don't need any of them if anything doesn't work as a result turning them back on is simple simply check them off and apply OK Step 2 go to performance information and tools turning off visual features will decrease the work load on your computer here is a list of features you should keep that will keep your windows looking good Enable desk top composition ,show thumbnails instead of icons,smooth edges of screen fonts ,use visual styles on windows and buttons you can disable the rest they will have Little effect on the appearance of windows but will increase performance once they are disabled
Step 3 disabling programs from start up will increase performance every time you download a new program a new program gets added to start up to disable it if you think its unnecessary go to start then type windows defender open it then click on tools then software explorer in the drop down list select start up then scroll down look for unneeded programs click on it then disable that will disable it from start up but you can still use it by clicking on its icon on desk top. Uniblue Process scanner can help determine what is actually running in the background ,and help you decide if you want to disable it
Step 4 run a defrag look in windows help for instructions
Step 5 go to performance information and tools in control panel and open disk clean up run it and you will be given the option to clean out unneeded files Step 6 download and run ccleaner click here to download ccleaner Finally I would like to say to any new user of computers when changing the settings on your computer you should always set a restore point in case you are dissatisfied with the results of these changes or you loose functionality to do so go to start then scroll to maintenance then click on it then back up and restore then on repair windows using system restore select the restore point you created prior to these changes and then next then finish your computer will restart and then function as it did before . PS also keep in mind that when using your computer certain web sights or procedures can slow down your computer sometimes after only visiting a few sights or performing one procedure such as uploading a photo if you are unlucky you can run ccleaner every day when ever you notice a slow down or your computer becomes non responsive and finally upgrading your ram sticks can increase speed .Also if you use firefox upgrading it can help speed although some addons might be lost unlesss you use the addon nightly tester tool %SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535
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