Question Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

Jul 20, 2022
I've looked everywhere and I can't find the specific issue that I am having. My windows 10 PC starts up fine, but a few minutes after I log in my monitor goes black. The PC stays on and I can't wake the monitor up or anything. The only thing I can do is force shutdown or hit the reset button. My monitor is working fine.
generally, you would want to turn off all windows sleep functions and confirm the problem is not something simple. Ie set windows to run in high performance mode, reboot and see if the monitor still goes blank.
if it does, you then would disconnect the monitor video cable and reconnect it. if the screen does not turn on, you then disconnect the power to the monitor and reconnect the power to see if the image comes back. This can help determine if the logic in the monitor is blanking the screen or if the gpu is blanking the screen.

if you find that the monitor does not go blank in high performance mode, you would then update bios, and look to find out why moving the mouse or using the keyboard did not wake the screen. Most often you would go into windows control panel device manager, find the various usb hubs right mouse click on them to bring up properties then find the power management tab and un check the let windows turn off this device to save power.
pretty common to have your hub go to sleep while your mouse and keyboard are connected and they can not wake the sleeping hub.
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