Question Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of the X= brand (experience gaming) and their monitors?


Feb 27, 2013
I've been in the market to buy a 2K IPS monitor of high refresh rate (144hz or higher). I've seen a lot of reviews on Youtube and scoured the variety of different online retailers here in the UK and I have noticed this relatively new-ish brand that goes by X= (xperience gaming).

I assume it was setup to try and sell some of the cheaper style monitors like the Electriq brand from or the very famous Pixio monitors that have now made their way into the UK market and previously we'd only see in the US or Asia.

Is anyone familiar with this brand and their reliability? I have read reviews here and there that they use the same panels as the Pixio brand. I've noticed that with the Electriq brand as well. I own one of their monitors the 27inch 2K IPS 95hz and it seems it has the same panel (and chassis) as the Pixio 275h. I was also looking at another model of the X= brand in AWD IT and the appearance of the stand/chassis/panel immediately reminded me of my earlier Acer IPS monitor and I'm suspecting that they're buying a lot of potentially discards or not as well binned panels from other brands on the very cheap and they re-brand and sell them on.

Does anyone have any more information about this brand or do you have any experience with using their products? I've read some reviews on amazon that 5-6 months in the monitors have issues so I was wondering if anyone had a monitor that lasted them longer than that? I wouldn't want to spend £250 or more and get something sub-par.

Thank you in advance!