11400f is an excellent budget gamer;
Here is a review:
The supplied cooler will do the job.

Motherboard is good.
There are some other B560 motherboards for a bit less.

You probably can save $20 on ram by buying 2400 speed.
Actual performance difference is minor when using a discrete graphics card.

Unless you will use the HDD to store videos, I suggest omitting the HDD altogether, and buy a 1tb ssd. You can always add storage later.

A intel 660P 1tb pcie ssd is $110; Samsung 980 nvme 1.4 is $130.
Love the GTX1080ti FE, I am currently using one.
It is actually very quiet.
A 600w psu is appropriate:
I think I would buy a more mainstream unit in the 650-750w class
No telling what service from a Chinese manufacturer might be.
Consider a quality psu as a long term investment.
Look for a quality unit with a 7-10 year warranty.

Here is a seasonic 650w focus with a 7 year warranty for $99
The 750w unit is $10 more.

Case looks good.

No idea about the monitor; specs look good
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