Does anyone know the name of this space game?

Jul 22, 2018
I am trying to find the name of this open action space game that i played around the early 2000's. i don't remember much about it but what i remember (might be a little vague) i'll list below:

[/list]you could dock on the vertical space station after a mission.

[/list]You could see planets but not land on them.

[/list]One mission in particular was where i had to protect (or maybe destroy) this travelling freighter from incoming fighters in a green cloud filled section of space. After the mission i could fly around and search for more fighters or travel back to the space station for the next mission

[/list]I could warp from one place to the next through way stations that looks like a circular mechanical ring.

[/list]the last mission i remember, before it told me to purchase the full version, was when i had to travel to this huge ship or station and i think it ended with me being framed for destroying it and i had no choice but to run away deeper into space to solve the crime.

[/list]New ships could be bought, ships weapons could be upgraded and it was a 3rd person view game (though i think u could switch views).

The game looks similar to freespace 2 and X3 reunion somewhat. Can someone please tell me the name of this game?