Question Does anyone know what screws the RTX 3080 STRIX OC 10G uses here (picture below) ?


Better to pull one out and look at the threads and length, what the screw head looks like isn't that important.

Probably going to be a small metric value, but couldn't say exact size. Probably something between m1 and m2 machine screws.

Of course these are nickel plated and nice looking. You might be able to get black oxide or stainless steel that would be a decent match.

Might want to either buy a large kit of precision screws with various sizes (and a good file in case you have to shorten them) or buy a precision thread gauge first so you know what screws to order.


Do you have a metric ruler? You can easily get the shaft length that way.

Hardware store, see if it fits any of the thread gauges they have. Might not, I'm sure it is a very small thread.

Quite difficult to look for screws online, but there are catalogues out there with various companies, but they may have minimum orders. Sometimes the cheapest way to get an assortment of machine screws (undercut so it has that bevel) is to buy kits with assorted sizes.

I'm not having much luck finding sub M2 size screws though. Possibly a specialty shop like watch/clock repair might have such things in stock.
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Feb 23, 2023
One of those pictures had a metric ruler in it.

I've ordered these: View:

They look the right size, and they're the only ones that have right look as far as threads are concerned. Will be here tomorrow, so I'll report back then.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but the whole reason for doing this in the first place is the hotspot temp. The difference between it and core is way too high. Though the core itself is hotter than I'd like too. Looking back on people's temps from reddit with this exact card, mine is hotter than it should be. Even if it pulls up to 400w. 4000D Airflow arriving on Friday too.