Question Does anyone know what's wrong with my laptop keyboard?


Mar 23, 2015
Hi, i don't know if this problem is a serious one but something happened with it for the past few days until i finally just cleaned the keyboard by using a damp cloth and then shaking stuff out and then it fixed..for now at least.

I'll try to explain what i mean and I didn't know what was wrong until i narrowed it down to one key on the keyboard. The "T" key was the rogue key causing my issue and it worked, like i can type t and it'll show up but then everything starts going crazy. like every time i drag a folder it'll just drag backwards and when i open the time and date on the taskbar, it'll start moving like crazy and going up the calendar month. it's as if the space bar was activated.

I can stop all this by pressing any key but of course it'll just repeat itself if i press the "T" key again...

That was until i finally just did the clean and shake to see if that fixed anything and now it seems to work again as i can type the letter without it messing everything up..

so i don't know if i did a temporary fix or what but has this happened to anyone before? was there something under the key that possibly caused all of that?