Question Does anyone know where I could find an 8 socket motherboard

Just to preface this, YES i know 8 socket is stupid for a nas. Yes i know all of the downsides. I just want to do it for the memes.

Currently my nas uses dual Xeon E5620s and I find only 2 CPUs as very underwhelming. I can find 4 socket motherboards easily enough, but I heard that 8 socket motherboards exist. I am unable to find anything on them, but they must exist from what I have seen.

Anyone know where I could find one, or at least see pictures of one?

I care about nothing except that it has 8 sockets.
I don't know about 8-socket motherboards, but perhaps they link a pair of 4-socket boards together or something?

It does seem a bit redundant when a single modern HEDT processor can outperform eight Xeon E5620s by a wide margin though, and at a fraction of the power-draw and heat output. I suspect even a single mid-range 8-core, 16-thread desktop processor could come close at server tasks. I guess those older Xeons are available for next-to-nothing now, though I'm less sure about high-socket motherboards like that. And the high power draw of such an 8-socket system would likely negate any cost savings for something left running 24/7.