Question Does anyone know why my download speed on Steam is capped at 20 MB/S?


Jan 3, 2021
In my speedtest it says 360/70 as it always has, and I used to download with 40+ MB/s. It's only recently that it seems to be randomly capped at 20 MB/s.
It is not manually limited in Steam settings.
I am also using ethernet connection as I always have. I even got a new router to see if that fixed it, but it didn't.
It can't actually be your network or your equipment if speedtest gets the proper rates. Speedtest is a file download and upload that is not saved.

Is it only steam that does this. If you were to download a windows install image from microsoft what rates do you get.

This is going to be tricky to find since steam is a separate application. The normal trick of booting say a linux USB image does little good because you would then still have to find a way to install steam.

I would be first looking at steam to see if there are any settings that might do this. Next I would look for any type of software that might limit traffic on your machine. There are programs that are loaded with the bloatware that comes with motherboards and video cards that claims to "accelerate" game traffic. This causes all kinds of strange issues and should be uninstalled. Anything you have that tries to favor on kind of traffic over another or any kind of QoS software should be uninstalled.