Question Does anyone still use a traditional hard drive as their boot drive? Why aren't you using an SSD

What do you use as your boot drive?

  • SSD

  • Traditional hard drive (HDD)

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Aug 21, 2015
Why do some people still use traditional hard drives (HDD) as the boot drive in their PC?
What are the reasons why?
I stopped using them for this purpose years ago! But there still seem to be a lot of people who still use them for this.
All I use traditional hard drives for now is storing photos, videos and backups.


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thing is, would you trust your data on a cheap drive?
maybe he wants his data to be safe.
And if that GBP 30 ssd doesn't have any DRAM cache, it can be almost as slow as a hdd.
I have gone from tape to 5.25/3.5" floppy, thru non integrated HDDs to IDE/SCSI and SATA hard drives on to SATA SSDs and now on NVME and each jump was a quantum leap over each earlier solution.
It's just natural that fastest disk should be used for OS and most important programs. Even reliability is not in question because of one word "Backup", besides, SSDs are shaping to be more reliable than mechanical drives.
So, right now I'm using Samsung 970 evo (which is fastest I can use in this system), An SATA SSD for windows Insider edition, another SATA SSD with games installed on it and 2 HDDs (1 and 2TB) for general storage but in process of changing those to SSDs to. HDDs (several of them) are used for backup as they are not used all the time and should last long enough.
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