Question Does Asus H97 pro gamer support rgb sync air coolers and samsung 970 evo plus ssd ?

Sep 11, 2019
support RGB cpu air coolers
Could you name an example?

Also will I be able use Samsung 970 evo plus M.2 SSD to its full potential ?
Unfortunately not, your motherboard's M.2 socket shares bandwith with the two PCIe x1 slots or one Sata slot, depending on BIOS settings. There is no info on which version of PCIe those slots use, but I can't imagine them being v3.0. So that would mean you only get a total of 2 "lanes" at PCIe 2.0, when the 970 Evo Plus can utilize 4 lanes at PCIe 3.0 or 8 lanes at PCIe 3.0. So using the built in socket, you could only expect a slight uplift of performance.

But you could use an PCIe adapter to use the second full PCIe slot, which would atleast give you PCIe x4 at 2.0( see page 12 of the english manual of your motherboard). This would enable almost triple the performance of a SATA SSD. And you could still use the NVMe SSD in a later build.