[SOLVED] Does changing the SSD has any effect on the BIOS or Fan (for Laptop)?

Feb 26, 2022
I have an Ideapad 510 (Lenovo), and recently updated it's HDD to SSD. Everything works well and it has made a huge difference for me EXCEPT that damn laptop fan!

For some reason it has decided to do this strange thing where it Keeps Jumping Back and Forth between extremely high speed (max possible?) to Silent all of sudden. Like revving a motorcycle you can say..?

Here is what all I have tried till now;
  • thoroughly cleaned the insides of the laptop. No dust, changed the thermal paste

  • Installed a fresh copy of windows 10

  • tried a few fan controllers but my motherboard seems to be not supported by any

  • reset the BIOS to default and updated it to most recent version as provided by manufacturer

  • Swapped in the Old hdd back, which I was using previously, and using the same windows/drivers that I was using before. However this strange behavior of fan continues that.

  • Replaced the fan too.

  • Checked the task manager, nothing strange going on there

  • tried a different operating system i.e ubuntu
Does any one know what is happening? Any suggestion or help on this would be much appreciated as I have been trying to figure it out for days now. thank you!