Question Does connecting elgato to pc and laptop slow them?

Sep 27, 2020
I have a pc with prime os a Custom Android Rom
Cpu : i5 4570
RAM : 4gb
Storage: ssd 1tb
Graphics: prime os doesnot support any integrated cpu graphics (intel hd 4600)

and i have a laptop with specs:
Cpu : i3 5005u
RAM: 4gb
Graphics : Intel hd 5500

So i want to capture my pc game screen to my laptop and then laptop to Youtube.

So my question is does connecting elgato to pc slows my games /pc ? or slows my laptop/slows my stream?

I want to buy a graphics card but elgato is also necessary. I cannot go and buy both of them. So also help me for dual pc streaming, is it okay to buy elgato or graphics card for pc?
Please help!
There are different versions of the elgato, if you get one with hardware acceleration that can do h264 compression on its own then it will not slow down anything.

If you buy an hdmi splitter to send the same signal to a monitor and your laptop and a simple hdmi to usb card for your laptop you can capture the video with the iGPU of the laptop wich will have almost no impact on speed but will be much cheaper.
If you find yourself doing streaming often and not getting bored by it you can still but an elgato later.