[SOLVED] Does Corsair Dominator Platinum fits with DRP4 Cooler?

Sep 26, 2019
Hello there!

I'm just about to buy a new CPU cooler for my new system. But I'm really confused about should I go with liquid cooler or air cooler. If I go with liquid, I'm planning to buy NZXT Kraken x62. If I go with air, I'm planning to buy Dark Rock Pro 4. My motherboard is Gigabyte Aorus Ultra, I've 9900k CPU and Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RAMs.

If I talk about air cooler, my only question is about if these RAM is suitable for DRP4. Any ideas?

Btw, to tell the truth I want to go with liquid cooler because of 9900k. But I'm afraid of liquid leaks. There is a lot of topic on the net about liquid coolers leaks. That scared me a lot. Is there anyone who uses NZXT Kraken x62 long enough? I also wonder about how long it will work without problems? Some people says that kraken x62 is most likely to malfunction in 1 year...

Thank you.