Question Does Corsair make a case without glass?


Jun 24, 2009
I'm figuring on building a new desktop build for myself, and I've settled on most of the components, but I am still considering cases.

Up for first consideration was

Vetroo AL-MESH-7C Compact ATX PC Case

I definitely want front facing USB ports, but...I am not sold on the idea of the PSU being front loaded in the center of where the fans/mesh ought to be.

So then I considered the


but that is more expensive than I prefer

so then I consider the very popular line of Corsair cases

Why is EVERYONE Buying This Gaming Case? - Corsair 4000D Airflow

and I can see from the video why it is very popular, it certainly would be serviceable


despite almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon, only 2% of which are negative, the negative talk about shattering glass

and I won't buy a case from Amazon, because they may be derelict in shipping but even New Egg has the same type of reviews

"the force required to close the side panel does not agree with the material they chose to make it out of" one reviewer said

So does Corsair make any of these style of cases without the glass?
People are buying the 4000D because it’s in vogue atm. Similar to the NZXT H440/S340 a few years back. Just get what you want.

Glass really isn’t an issue if you’re not dumb and don’t drop it on tiled floors or hard surfaces, it’s tempered so it’s fairly bouncy on carpet etc but any impact that would cause a crack in regular glass just makes tempered shatter due to the internal stresses. I’ve had tempered glass panels for years and had no issue despite moving it around a lot.