Does CPU voltage affect other components' voltage


Oct 1, 2017
after failed at overclockin my ryzen 5 1600 because of low voltage i want to ask something.
setting the cpu voltage different values from stock affect the other components voltage ?
i gave low voltage to my cpu and it crashed in stress test
i am afraid of my other components got damaged beacuse of low voltage that i gave to my cpu.
(i gave 1.3 v to run my ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.8 and crashed at stress test)
im especially afraid of my gpu.
after this fail oc ,resetting the bios to default i took a cinebench test. at the and of the test the pc freezed and my screen go black for momentary (3-5 seconds) and the screen opened and with a result (test was running at black screen and my cpu score is 1120 ) and couldnt run opengl test beacuse of image difference
im very afraid that my pc got damaged please help me
Totally separate, you MB control voltages for each component separately. Mine runs 3.8GHz @ 1.325v :) bench test failed -> voltage not enough, slowly increase until stable and monitor temp under load, <85 is a good temperature.

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