Question Does F61A add support for the ryzen 7 5800x on the aurus pro wifi b450 rev. 1.0


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Provided you didn't get the make and model of the motherboard wrong(and the BIOS version), there's no F61A listed on the motherboard's BIOS versions on their support page. If you have BIOS version F60 on that board, you should be able to work with a Ryzen 7 5800x(not the 5800x 3D variants), mind you, the latter will need F63c to operate.

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i have the same board and have a 5900x on it.

i went from a 3600x and updated the bios up to F62 (the newest version at the time) and had no issue with the 5900x working. i updated to F50, then F60 and the F62 in that order with no problems. i've not even bothered to update any further as there are no issues to fix :)
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