Question Does FreeSync work with an HDMI cable in a SE2717H Dell monitor?

Mar 31, 2019
Hey bro, I dont know if your issue has been resolved now or not, but i also have the same monitor and what i regret the most about the monitor is a lack of display port and limited monitor OSD. I am new to amd freesync tech and also new to such a monitor, i ve been a nvidia fanboy for a long time. Now i decided to go team red but i am kind of disappointed with my decision. My screen goes black while gaming with freesync on. Then doing a fresh installation of amd drivers fixes it. But if i fiddle around with amd adrenaline software suite and turn freesync off and then on then it seems to cause problems and i am unable to fix the black screen issue and have to reinstall my amd drivers to fix it. And yeah i also learned that i have to cap my fps manually either via ingame settings or with rivatuner. Because tearing happens if i exceed the 48 to 75 fps window. For now it is all well for me now that i have reinstalled the amd drivers. But as you have been using this monitor since 2018 i would love to get some knowledge regrading it.

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