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Does gaming from my external harddrive affect FPS drastically versus gaming from my SSD? (Same games)


Mar 17, 2016
I have 2 forms of storage:

1. 250 GB SSD connected via SATA cable (Crucial MX500)
2. 2TB External Harddrive connected via USB (WD My Passport)

I put most of my games on the external harddrive. I am just wondering, how much FPS am I losing when I play games pulled from the external harddrive as opposed to the same game being pulled from the SSD.

I just want a rough estimate.

1. If I get 100 FPS on one game using the SSD, how much FPS would I get using the external harddrive on the same game?

2. If I get 100 FPS on one game using the external harddrive, how much FPS increase would I get using the SSD on the same game?


Dec 31, 2007
I don't think it will affect your FPS once the game is all loaded and running but the load time will be supper slow. The big thing is how much system ram and GPU ram you have if the game is all loaded and you use all the ram and vram your FPS will be bad as you are now paging to the USB drive.

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