Does GF5900XT worth to buy it?


Nov 12, 2001
It seems the performance of the new release GF5900XT is quite impressive. Is it worth to wait and buy it? When compared with GF5700Ultra and Radeon 9600XT, which one is better in terms of 1) Price/performance ratio, 2) Image quality 3) Support of future games (e.g. HL2, Doom3 etc)?

Thank you for any recommendations and opinions.



1. I consider it definitely better than the 5700 ultra, and slightly better than the 9600XT

2. The 5700 Ultra will probably perform better than the 9600XT in DirectX 7/8 titles, their performance should be close in DirectX 9 titles

3. Radeons generally have better image quality due to excellent ramdacs and far superior Antialiassing. Nvidias have better anistropic filtering and glow falloff however.

4. The 5900 will perform better in Doom3, the 9600XT wil perform better in Half Life 2. Most true DirectX 9 titles will perform slightly better on the 9600XT. Most OpenGL titles will perform better on the GeforceFX.

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May 16, 2003
5900XT will beat the 5700U/9600XT by a large margin in today's games, often allowing play at the next highest resolution. If the 9600XT does beat any 5900-based card in most future games, it will probably not be by a large margin. And if you can get COD with your 5900 then that is another plus, since getting a game is better than getting a coupon for a game that may not be out for awhile.

IQ goes to the ATI cards with their better AA, except in a few games where the ATI cards' inability to AF certain angles may be noticable. However, if you can play at a higher resolution on the 5900 then it negates the IQ advantage of the 9600XT.
This should help you somewhat;

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