Does HD5670 is a fair gaming card


Sep 2, 2011
Hello Guys, even I am also thinking to play COD blackops, after read all this afraid if I will get the real enjoy of that game.
My build is
i7 2600 3.40 Ghz
Z68 Gigabyte motherboard z68-udr3-b3
8GB heatsink CORSAIR 1600 RAM
Coolermaster elite 310 cabine with 400 Watt PSU
HD5670 1GB ddr5
Please could anybody suggest me on this scenario

earlier I had MSI HD 4670 512 MB ddr3


Sep 22, 2010
if you have a monitor 21.5" or more, you need a better graphic card to put it in high.

According to Tom's :,3018-3.html
Exceptional 1680x1050 performance in most games, 1920x1200 in most games with lowered detail

Radeon HD 6770 seems more realistic for you maybe but you need a better PSU.

You are already limit with your power supply with the HD 5670, they recommand 400W or greater.

ATI Radeon™ HD 5670 Graphics

AMD Radeon™ HD 6770 Graphics


Sep 22, 2010
Warning with this tool

Best case and wrost case are to check, capacitor aging also!!!

They don't tell you about the HD6850, you need a 6-pin connector from your PSU.

Don't go play near the PSU limit without Active-PFC. They are not build to stay always higher than 90% of his strenght

In this case, the efficiency is 70%
This one is more efficient at 280W.

And this is wrong to tell 400W PSU is a 400W, they not want you to use it at this range. They can provide power but they heat and like not long as they written.

80+ PSU are very good because if you use them, 20 to 100%, they will be efficiency with 80 and plus! But again, they are not build to be use more than 90% of their capacity.

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Yeah I'm playing with it right now. I'm using a 20" monitor and are playing games such as : World of warcraft, call of duty modern warfare 2 and league of legends. I taking those on high settings, but if you want to play with a larger monitor and newer games like, battlefield 3 and such. I suggest you to buy a new power supply and a gtx 560 ti or ati 6870. Or even better if you have the money and want a good gaming performance.


Aug 16, 2010
Well, if that 400 W is ACTUAL 400 Watts, then IMHO a 6850 would be fine here.
All cards above the 5670/6670 will need that 6 pin connector including 5770/6770, 6790 and 6850.

This copied and pasted from :

( The CPU they used is Core i7 965 @ 3750 MHz )
Measured power consumption - 6850

Advertised TDP = 127W
System in IDLE = 176W
System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 278W
Difference (GPU load) = 102 W
Add average IDLE wattage ~ 19W
Subjective obtained GPU power consumption = ~ 121 Watts