Jun 3, 2023
I want to build pc with intel 13 gen 13500 processor with MSI Pro B760M-A WiFi DDR5 Motherboard and G.Skill Tradent Z5 6000MHz (CL 32) RAM . But I'm unsure if this processor supports 6000MHz RAM because on Intel website it says that this processor supports up to 4800 MT/s RAM . Is MHz and MT/s the same ?
Does it support 6000MHz RAM or not ?


MT/s is DDR transfer rate. So 3200 ram for example is 3200 MT/s and frequency as you would see in cpuz is 1600.

If you were to have H*10 chipset board then you'd be limited to CPU's memory controller as H*10 (asterisk in place of gen number, H610 H710 etc) doesn't support Xmp above that. B60 chipset since 4xx series allows memory overclocking above CPU MC like Z series does so frequency/MT/s is now a limiting factor of the motherboard. So yeah, your motherboard supports 6000 Xmp and cpu won't limit you, chipset overrules.
Here are the motherboard specs:
It will boot DDR5 at 5600 and it can OC up to 6800.
Overclocking is determined by the motherboard in conjunction with the ram.

I read the intel 4800 spec as saying that is the max speed at which it will boot to get you into the bios.
Once there, the bios ram settings control the speed at which it will run.
If you look at the 13900KS intel specs it says the same DDR5 5600 speed, but that clearly is not what the limit is.

You are safe enough with 6000 speed ram. That is the max speed, it can always default to much lower if needed.