Does it hurt a computer to have a monitor splitter; Flat Screen & moni


Nov 9, 2011
I want to intall a monitor spliter cable off of my computer so that I can also have our 37" Flat Screen hooked up for movies, games and such and our 19" monitor hooked up for school work, etc. Does it hurt your computer to have both items hooked up at the same time, even though we will only use one item at a time? Should I un-hook the T.V. end when we are not using it for the computer?



No it doesn't hurt the computer. Sort of like the KVM switch were you can have more than one computer sharing the same keyboard, mouse, and Monitor. It would be some type of RF switch. When you plug your Xbox 360 a PS 3 and a DVD player/recorder into a RF switch and switch from one component to another it doesn't hurt them. I don't know if they make one for the monitor. Of course I have never needed one either so I haven't looked around. But that doesn't mean they don't make them. Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull, good luck


Jan 25, 2010
The more likely solution would be to connect both devices right into your computer (almost all graphics cards have more than one output). Take a look at what connections you have on your card. When you connect both your monitor and your tv, go into the display settings to set everything up.