Question Does it matter if my modem/router US and DS lights are flashing?


Jan 4, 2015
Wasn't sure where to post this, but I have a Netgear c7000 modem/router. Cox, Norther Virginia is the provider/ISP. Normally, the internet light is on and the upstream and downstream lights are steady green. the last couple of days, there seemed to be some signal problems from the Internet service provider. When (intermittently) working, the internet light would be on, the downstream light would be steady on, and the upstream light would be steady amber. That was because only one US channel was locked (out of 8), with power at about 54-57 (too high). Then in the afternoon, something changed. Then, yesterday afternoon, the signal problems stopped and the internet light has stayed on. But now, the US and DS lights are flipping back and forth flashing green. One goes off at the same time one goes on, flipping constantly. My understanding is that when they are steady green, they have found a channel and when they are blinking, they are searching for a channel. Since the internet seems to be working fine, is there anything to worry about with the US and DS lights constantly flipping back and forth/flashing, as opposed to the past when they were steady green? Speedtest shows the same speeds now as in the past. Thanks.


In agreement with @jsmithpa.

This time of the year with heat, thunderstorms, internet traffic, etc.. anything could be happening.

Rough times for ISP's and their technicians going to customer's homes.....

Just continue to watch, record, learn, and document what happens.

Objective being to note/identify some particular problem that can, indeed, be quantified and addressed accordingly.