Does it matter if upgraded cpu before bios update?


Mar 23, 2012
Hi , I upgraded from celeron 2.2 dual - core 2 duo 2.93... I was told that updating bios dosn't always need to be done, if mobo is capable of cpu. When i popped new cpu in , got directed to bios and loaded optimal default's.. Would this affect cpu performance due to NOT updating prior to upgrade??? Plus i ran bios update from biostar website ( Within window's ).

If anyone can help me with this , it would be most appreciated . ;)
Always best to update with the old cpu as less chance of a bios failure using the new cpu that may not be 100% stable with the old bios.

I would never directly update a bios fro the internet, download, stick on pen drive and do it locally, less chance of again corrupting bios.