Dec 26, 2011
What is the best Harddrive for the money. Western digital has caviar blue,green, and black. Black being the most expensive Is it worth the money or can I go with any old seagate/hitachi hard drive to do the trick. Would like to mention I will have Ocz 120GB SSD as my boot instal and gaming install. I just need something for music storage or anything else really.
If just for storage you don't need a black WD, depending on how often you access files I would say yes any old HDD will do. Just be sure to back up important data.
You won't notice the difference if it's not your boot drive. Go with anything well-reviewed. Hitachi would probably be fine.

On another note, BACK UP. Buy another drive and back up your system. It's a drag to have a video card or something fail, but you can just get another one. Your data is more important, and it should always be in more than one place.