Question does LG 27GL850 look grainy because of matte coating? (and some other questions)

Feb 17, 2020
hey guys,
i bought an AOC AGON AG241QX last week and this monitor is OKish but my main issue why i'm returning it is because it has this (what i think is caused by a terrible matte finish) graininess as if it's really dirty. i attached a picture with what it looks like, note that it's hard to make a picture of this and the mesh like artifact is just in the picture, not in real life. it's extremely noticeably noisy/fuzzy on what are supposed to be uniform colors. i didn't have this issue at all on my ancient syncmaster 2033HD though it does seem to have at least a bit of a matte finish not completely sure on this.
now i'm considering buying an LG 27GL850 instead and i wonder if anyone can verify if this LG monitor does not have this graininess issue?
the colors on this AOC screen aren't the best but it's not terrible either, maybe i get a little boost there with the LG. the viewing angles on the AOC are fine to me so i also wonder is it worth buying this LG monitor or am i better off buying a better TN panel? and which would that be? also am i going to notice the difference between 1ms response time and 4/5ish on the LG? i do play fps games but also value great colors and do 3D stuff in blender and video editing. but like 100% accurate colors is not specifically necessary to me. something that kinda worries me about the LG panel is that the contrast ratio is kinda bad apparently but to me this is just some arbitrary number and don't know how bad or good it actually is.
hope you guys can help and thanks in advance :)