Does Logitech Gaming Combo G100 has anti-tangle wires

all 3 are very cheap options. none of them are particularly well built. although logitech does make some acceptable low end hardware you cant really expect it to last more than a year. if you want a very good cheap gaming mouse the logitech g400 is where you want to start. there about £25 on amazon and to be honest you will be hard pushed to find a better mouse at x2 the price.
keyboards logitech genrally have a good rep for producing durable gaming keyboards. starting at about £50 you can buy cheaper but i guarentee you will be buying another 1 withing 8 months because a key broke if you use it for gaming... so instead look at microsofts sidwinder x4... fairly cheap but very very good.

for you i recommend £25

and the 32.99

free delivery on both...

they really are the 2 best products in there price bracket and are considered very capable kit by true gamers.


Jun 29, 2011

g400 costs more in my country it's price is double than a g100 mouse i'm going to buy only mouse just typed it wrongly