Question Does massive overclocking of DDR5 kill anything?

Nov 19, 2022
I have a system based on the Rog Maximus z790 Hero with i13900kf and 2x16GB DDR5 RAM that is supposed to run at 6400GHz. I set the BIOS to 6400GHz (having previously seen that the RAM was running at 4800GHz) and then noted from the diagnostics that it was showing as maximum bandwidth 3200GHz. Like a genius, I assumed that what I had done in the BIOS was for both sticks, and so it had halved, so duly set the BIOS to 12800GHz. Whereon it didn't post. I tried clearing the CMOS (both by powering off, disconnecting the power and pressing the button for 10 seconds, as well as doing the same when the button was lit but the system powered down), and also reloading the BIOS, but now the post runs through various cycles and stops at 98 (console input devices connect). I have touched literally nothing else. I am not sure whether I have fried something, or have not managed to successfully reset the BIOS. Not genius. Anyone know the answer?