Question does my 9900k 5.2 is legit?

Apr 1, 2018
I have 9900k and 360 aio on the z390 Aours pro

I’v managed To over lock the CPU to 5.2ghz at 1.350v
I tested 24hours of Aida 64 cpu test, and the cpu runs at 75-78c

I tried to test fpu and the pc Crashed after less then a min.

A friend of mine explaind me that my pc crash on avx load, and because I’m using the pc to gaming only (at high refresh rate)
I should set avx offset , I set it to -2

And when I test avx the pc is on 5.0 ghz but 90c (on prime 95)!!!

2 questions

1. Games use avx? Will I be able to use all the 5.2 on games?

2. 90c on prime 95 10mins test is ok? (I don’t see those temps in real world game..

Thank you all
Games do not use AVX.

90C using AVX is okay. You don't have to use AVX even for testing unless you just want to.

Your overclock seems stable enough for a gaming system.

Use Prime95 v26.6 it does not use AVX and you still get a good thermal test.