Question Does my motherboard support Nvidia GT740 graphic card ?

Mar 21, 2023
yes it will work , pcie express is backwards compatible , your speed wil be reduced to pcie gen 1 however
(not that it would matter with the card like gt 740 - which can´t utilize speeds of higher pcie revisions anyway ,
even pcie gen 1 bandwidth is plenty fast for it)
What about AMD RX580 8G graphic card ?
i was under the impression you want it only for basic "office" usage (browsing , watching movies , youtube etc.)
if you ask whether or not you can turn it into a gaming pc by adding more powerful video card than the answer is no
no matter what video card you put in , because your system is obsolete
you can play very old titles or undemanding simple games ,
but any modern/more powerful video card would be massively bottlenecked by your cpu in more demanding modern titles .

just start saving money to build a new system .
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