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[SOLVED] Does my MSI Motherboard manual have wrong JFP1 connector pin alignment?

Jun 2, 2020
Today I assembled my First PC. When I switched on the PCs didn't respond. Fans didn't spin. Just the Power LEDs lit up. Thats it. Then I removed all the connectors in JFP1 and just inserted "Power Switch" connector. It worked. So, I have inserted the "Power Switch" connector perfectly. The HDD LED and Power LED both have +, - labelled in the connector itself. So there is no chance that I messed it up. My doubt is on "Reset Switch". Weird that it is the odd one out in the manual. Because when every connector label face downwards this one only faces upwards.
My doubt is on the Motherboard Manual.
View: https://imgur.com/oVZgRLy

Please clarify.