Question Does my PSU will be enough?


Dec 26, 2020
Hello everyone!

Currently, I have a system with i5-9400F and RTX 3060 Ti and my PSU is a Seasonic Focus GX-550.

I am planning to swap only my CPU to help the GPU achieve more FPS and changing only my CPU means it is not needed to reinstall the OS. :D

A friend of mine has a i7-9700K, however I'm not sure my psu will be enough, because it has a 95W TDP (i5 only 65W),
and in addition I have read that, in practice the CPU will draw even more Watts.

So should I buy the K version, or just the i7-9700 (if I find one). And what about i9-9900(K)?
I will not OC my CPU.

Thank you in advance!