Question Does my PSU will be enough?


Dec 26, 2020
Hello everyone!

Currently, I have a system with i5-9400F and RTX 3060 Ti and my PSU is a Seasonic Focus GX-550.

I am planning to swap only my CPU to help the GPU achieve more FPS and changing only my CPU means it is not needed to reinstall the OS. :D

A friend of mine has a i7-9700K, however I'm not sure my psu will be enough, because it has a 95W TDP (i5 only 65W),
and in addition I have read that, in practice the CPU will draw even more Watts.

So should I buy the K version, or just the i7-9700 (if I find one). And what about i9-9900(K)?
I will not OC my CPU.

Thank you in advance!
tdp on intel CPUs refers to base clock thermal conductivity for cooling cooler with 95watt minimum

power draw on cpu on the other hand on 9700k goes up to 125watts, 9400f has 85watts or so, 9900k around 165watts

no clue about your current power draw
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