Does Samsung Magician recognize SSD Raid arrays in 2018?

I know that as long as I can remember, Samsung Magician didn't recognize RAID 0 arrays, and therefore cannot update the firmware of individual drives, while in such arrays. Does anyone know if this is still the case or not?
That isn't something a software update can overcome. If you use hardware RAID or RAID built into your motherboard, it hides the individual drives from the operating system. What the OS sees as installed is a single virtual HDD (which is made up of the RAID drives).

There's almost no real-world benefit to having SSDs in RAID 0. SSDs are fast enough that there's virtually no benefit, and their speed limits are not helped by RAID 0 (a read/write of a 4k or smaller file gets split up into two <4k files in RAID 0). Because SSD small file read/write speeds are limited more by file I/O speeds (IOPS) rather than data read/write speeds, the extra overhead of RAID 0 can actually make operations even slower than a single drive. About the only real-world task which benefits from SSDs in RAID 0 is real-time video editing.,3485-11.html

If you must have access to an individual drive while in RAID, try software RAID instead. In Windows, it's called dynamic disks (mirrored is RAID 1, striped is RAID 0, spanned is JBOD. RAID 5 is only available with Pro/Enterprise versions).


That remains true, Magician does not support RAID drives. Source.

Totally agree with Solandri's comments regarding RAID for SSDs.