Question Does socket q65 support processor E3 1270?

Oct 16, 2020
Hi, i have a fast question. I have OEM lenovo mainboard with socket q65 and i want change processor to Xeon, so Does socket q65 support procesor E3 1270?
I'm added screenshot from cpu-z:
It depends on the motherboard, chipset, and bios support.

Easiest way to find out is to search your lenovo machine number and the cpu model and then look at the results. You'll either find that it's easily possible or that it has quirks, or it can't be done. :)
The PC is Lenovo m81 with lenovo is6xm motherboard. On the lenovo site it is written only intel i3/i5/i7 processors, nothing about xeons :(
It will be a blind guess in figuring if a Xeon will work on that board... there are some OEM motherboards that actually support non-listed CPUs as some of these Xeons are very similar to their Core I3/5/7 counterparts.

I can't find anyone that even tried to put a Xeon in the Lenovo M81... you shouldn't either.

Might as well just stick with the M81 CPU Support list found here:
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