Question does ssd failure cause freezing randomly?

Sep 29, 2022
About a month ago my pc started to freeze randomly. At first it only happened in gaming but soon it happened more frequently, like in unziping, downloading, watching videos or browsing.
Everytime when it freezed, first the software got stuck. In seconds I could only move the mouse but couldn't click anything. Last the whole screen freezed. Sometimes I couldn't enter Windows after reboot. I need to reboot my pc for several times to get it work.
I changed the cpu fan and tested it for 5 minutes. The temperature was fine and no freezing happened. I formatted my pc and reinstalled Windows11. Yesterday the failure happened again and I found out I couldn't enter win11 entirely. In pe using diskgenius I found my ssd totally broken.
So this is caused by ssd all the time right? I am wondering if an ssd failure could lead to such problem. Thank you.
Any component failure could lead to a range of reliability issues. So, an issue with the SSD could cause it or something else.

Try removing one party at a time. Narrow down what it could be.

maybe try removing the SSD. Create an Ubuntu live USB flash drive. See if you get the freezes in Ubuntu with the SSD removed.


Nov 16, 2009
I had a somewhat similar problem. Vexed me for months. I put together a gaming pc. Initially it worked fine but then my new pc starting freezing. This was a complete hardware freeze that required a hard power reboot. The freeze ups continued randomly about once every 2 or 3 days. I tried every type of troubleshooting software I could run but everything seemed to check out fine. I finally tried a different brand of memory - no effect. Next I bought another SSD, a Samsung 970 model, cloned it and swapped out the Samsung 980. After that, the freeze ups stopped. Seemed clear to me the cause of the problem was the Samsung 980. It’s interesting to note these freeze ups occurred during low load operations such as web browsing or watching videos.