[SOLVED] does that kind of cushions works?

Sep 9, 2019
Hello friends,

how are you? since a time ago I'm suffering a little pain in my right wrist during the evening. I was thinking about the cause and I belive it's caused by the long time I pass typing in the keyboard each day. I found products like this one:


These products have comments like this one: "I had been thinking about buying something like this for some time, since after workdays I felt a pain in my wrists that I was already feeling annoying and I was worrying. I even went to the doctor and told me to try to change my posture when typing or looking for a different keyboard or some physical solution, since typing with the computer is an obligation for me. I decided on this model for several reasons: I found the design discreet and attractive, good finish look and good price. So far, after several weeks of use, I can say that I am already noticing the beneficial effects. It is true that it took me a little getting used to, but now I am very comfortable while typing, and the pain has completely disappeared. Just for health, it is worth it, but now I can't imagine typing without the cushion. As I commented the design is great. The black color fits perfectly on my desk in a discreet and elegant way. The upper material is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the base material prevents it from sliding and moving, maintaining the position in which the cushion fulfills its purpose. Very happy with the purchase."

My question is... That kind of cushions works? If my problem is caused by typing it will be solved with thsi simple peripheral?

Best regards,