Question Does the difference in bits between GTX 750Ti and GT 1030 matters ?


Mar 7, 2017
Hi guys I have the option to buy one of those cards I listed in the title , the 750Ti I gonna buy is used but it has 128-bit while the GT 1030 is a new one and it's a 64-bit . someone told me to never buy a 64-bit card , because it will definitely make my screen flicks .
So I'm not sure what to do right now ? any help guys will be appreciated . One more question I know that GT 1030 has a very low temperature . while the GTX 750Ti has a very high temperature specially when it operates , I know it's normal due to the difference between both performances . but on a long-term this heat will affects me ? since my Case body isn't suitable for air through , I mean it doesn't get enough air , my last GPU temp just went almost 95 Celsius and the card got bend over . so I don't wanna to live this experience again .