Question Does the iPad Air M1 2022 64GB Base Model support StageManager and external monitor? Has anyone checked it by installing iPadOS16 beta ?

Jul 5, 2022
Hi !

I got a brand new iPad Air M1 2022 64GB base model.

I just found out that it won't support virtual memory swapping which is apparently a requirement to run Stage Manager.

Also, the official Apple website states "Full external display support comes to iPad Pro with the M1 chip, with resolutions up to 6K ".
'iPad Pro' only ?

Has anyone who bought an iPad Air M1 64GB base model checked if it does support stage manager and external displays ?
Are there any limitations regarding multi-tasking etc. on the 64GB model.

Mine is still in mint condition and I don't want to open it. Would cough up the extra 200 bucks for the 256 GB model and return the 64 GB one if it doesn't support stage manager / external displays.
If virtual memory swapping is what it needs then no it’s not going to run there’s only memory for storage in an iPad there is no SSD to swap anything too. My guess is you’re barking up the wrong tree’s isn’t going to work also it looks like only the pro will support external