Question Does the x470 Taichi supports 3600Mhz(or more) RAM?

If you'll notice. That 4000Mhz RAM is only supported to 3200Mhz. In fact only a handful are supported to 3466Mhz. As Matisse is newer. Plus there have been multiple BIOS updates since release. I would expect RAM support to be at least just as good. Most likely better.

If you look at the memory QVL. It appears they just tested for the initial release. There will be a lot of memory supported fine not on the list and a lot of supported memory no longer manufactured. As 3466 Mhz is the official fastest OC speed. I wouldn't count on anything faster. If you want faster get X570.

For the most part. If you comb through user reviews. If various AMD users are reporting xxxx Mhz with that RAM on a 400 series chipset. There's a good chance you'll do the same with the latest BIOS update and Matisse.