Question Does this Asus PG27UQ board looks cooked to you?

Apr 29, 2023

First - wasn't sure whether this belongs to motherboards or monitors... so move accordingly.

Back in 2018 (or 17'?) I bought this new kid on the block - awesome HDR monitor... which started to switch off once it heated. Obviously troubles occurred right before the end of warranty (3 years).

Unfortunately at that time I have already moved from US to EU and warranty was not honored. Sadly Asus refused to fix it too, saying that the region where I live only replaces that model for a new one in case of troubles.

In any case - I have manage to ship it to a different region at my own cost and in the end Asus repair center replaced the heatsink fan (mind the second fan was untouched). Nonetheless I have managed to convince ASUS to sell me additional spare fan just in case I needed it in the future.

So 2-3 months after the monitor came back to me... same thing started to happen again. Through recent months I managed to run some improvised solutions (like outside fan blowing into the monitor...), but as temps are raising the monitor shuts off again.

So today I decided to put it apart and check what is happening inside + clean it. And to my surprise I have discovered there is a 2nd fan inside, which was not replaced by the Asus repair center previously. I have used my spare unit to swap it today - at least for now it's not so loud.

But what really caught my attention are weird marks on the motherboard (underneath of it). I do not have much experience with damaged boards, but this does not look normal. Weird enough... repair center never notified me about these markings. Does it look like being cooked? Overall monitor runs 'normally' outside of three things:

1. It turns off once temperature goes up (roughly anything above 22 degrees in the room puts it down) - in order to start it again I have to unplug the power cable and plug it again. Otherwise the power button does not respond to clicking.
2. Sometimes, some of the monitor menu icon (specifically one responsible for LED off/on) will pop unasked, right after monitor is switched on. After few clicks on 'exit' it will eventually disappear.
3. Occasionally after turning on monitor does not display anything (no display signal). Cycling the power button again addresses the issue. Note - this was happening almost from the beginning.

I would appreciate opinions of folks who 'do not believe' but rather know whether the device is helpless at this stage. Unfortunately I cannot find any replacement boards online, and even if in the past these parts were priced above 250 bucks and Asus will not sell you one unless you ship it to their repair center which probably makes me wanna buy different screen.
Probably the experience with Asus deserves a separate topic, but that is for a different occasion.


I think its best to save up for another monitor because its only going to end up costing you more if you have to keep shipping it plus you cant find replacement board. Only thing can see like brown marks around the boared on picture


Dec 31, 2009
The brown marks are just part of the manufacturing process and/or quality control. They are from a pen, someone was marking along with the board as they checked various areas. Nothing to worry about.

I have a PG27UQ disassembled right now and see very similar markings all over my board. Unfortunately unlike your monitor, this one is dead. I have gotten it to come alive maybe 2 times out of 100 tries but that's it - something is wrong with the standby or power-up part of the circuit. Wish I could find a replacement board.