Does this make any sense???


Oct 14, 2003
Here's the story, if you dont care skip to the dotted line thingy: My friends boyfriend is in california for a while, but he wants to upgrade her computer and thus wants to get the parts lined up for when he comes he asked me to make a specs list to send him and do some basic updating/maintnence on the compy.
so as i was cleaning the interior i pulled the heatsink(to vacumn it) and the processor came off with it. i peeled the processor off and replaced the processor and cpu...but i placed a small dab of AS ceramique on the chip. now heres the wierd part...the previously 1.7 ghz celeron is now 1.8 just doesn't make sense!

the compy is a dimension 2300, and they shipped with either a 1.7 celeron or a 1.8 is it possible it got a 1.8 celeron somehow, or did the chip removal and AS make it faster? im confused.