Does this make sense??


Jul 8, 2011
I currently have a OCZ agility 3 120GB SSD as my only drive in my computer I built ~2 months ago (black Friday deals =D). I have been extremely happy with this drive but it is filling up fast while I wait for HDD to come down in price. Anyways I see a deal for a 80GB Intel SSD for $80 after mail in rebates, would it be smart to grab this to make it my boot drive and put all my games on my current SSD? Is there any issues know with having two different SSDs? Any knowledge would be appreciated.

FYI, this computer was built for playing games, so its basically all it's used for besides some surfing and watching movies. Just to let you know I do about 90% of my gaming on steam (the rest is starcraft II and random other games), which I figure I can keep on the 120GB without to much trouble. I have come to love the fast load times and not sure if I would even want to game off a HDD now =P.