Does this PC build make sense?


Dec 25, 2016
Here is my build:

I'm looking for a build that I would be using for gaming, as well as graphic design, and music production. I chose 32gb of RAM because I may want to use Adobe After Affects in the future, which to my understanding requires quite a lot of memory to run smoothly. I don't intend to overclock at all. I also want the PC to be easy to build in, and easy to replace items if I needed to do so. One of the main priorities I have is just to have a PC that will last me for a while, without the need to upgrade at all. I'm not fussed if my PC won't be able to run new games at ultra settings as they become more demanding as the years pass, I just want to be able to run them. I currently have a 1080p ultrawide monitor but I may upgrade to something with more pixels later down the road. Finally, are there any items here that I should buy right now? For example, the price of the graphics card seems to be quite low. I won't be building this until the summer so would it perhaps be better to wait for new releases? Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks


By sometime this summer it's likely ryzen 3000, and AMD Navi will have both been released or at least more known about them for sure and at some point this year the 10nm Intel will be released. If you're not building till summer don't even consider making a list today. You'll make a mistake Because it'll be an entirely different market then. come back 2-3 days before purchase at most.