Question Does this screen uniformity pass for an IPS monitor? (Asus PG279Q)


Apr 8, 2003
Hi, my replacement monitor doesn't pass a screen uniformity test run by the calibration software DisplayCal, using a Spyder5 calibrator but I wanted to know if this was normal for an IPS display.



(Sorry I tried embedding the image and the forum said something went wrong.)
Uniformity is how bright/dark the different regions of your screen are. It's a function of the monitor's backlights and diffuser panels, not the type of monitor. A perfect screen would display exactly the same brightness over the entire screen surface when displaying a uniform color. Realistically, that never happens, and you get patches which are brighter or darker.

Yours is a little extreme - 180 cd/m^2 in the middle, 147 cd/m^2 at some of the edges - about a 20% deviation. It should be fine for home office work or gaming. But since you're calibrating this I assume you're doing critical photo or graphics work. In that case I'd probably request a replacement or get a different model (there are a lot of cheap IPS panels on the market today, so "IPS" doesn't automatically mean high-quality like it did in the past).

Alternately, since it looks like the worst of the deviation is along the top sides, you can just work to make sure when you tweak the color/brightness of any images, that you do it looking at the middle and bottom of the picture as reference. Not the top and side edges.