Dec 15, 2003

P4 3.0c
1GB Kingston
Antec Sonata W/ included 380w PSU
Radeon 9800 128
2 optical Drives
1 Floppy
Zalman 700A Fan/heatsink

Heres the deal - my machien was runnign a little hot (case only has one fan (outtake) and I was using the stock P4 heatsink and fan) so I added the Zalman heatsink and fan - Tempature problem very very solved. Everythign should be good.

I am running ASUS Probe (I know people are goign to tell me it's not good but I've done my testing ans it's farily consistant with MBM5 and bios readings) anyhow runing ASUS Probe ocasionaly (one every few miniutes) it alearts me that my PSU fan is running to slow and then it proptly sarts running fine again. This has been hapenign for the last few weeks and I didn't think it was a big problem so I just turned ASUS Probe off and that was that.

Last night I ran AquaMark 3d just for fun and compared my results to the results from the last time I ran it - My fram rate was qute a bit lower then it was before - and the bottleneck looks like the graphics card. The only thign that has changed between the two benchmarks is the added fan - heatsink.

I am wondering if I have added so much stuff to my system that the PSU is becoming taxed - this the PSU fan intermitantly spins slower and the graphics card is not getting enough power?

and thoughts?




Mar 18, 2004
You don't mention hard drives(or I'm blind and miss them), but I still think that you should be alright with that True 380(single fan True if memory serves). What are yoru voltages running? The antec power supplies run temp regulated fans, so they do vary in speed, and even more so on that one, as that power supply is specifically meant to be quieter.

But anyways, I have a Smart 350 running following setup with voltages rock on and no other problems.

p4p800 Deluxe
P4 2.8C(was running it up to 3.2 too, no trouble)
1GB Corsair
Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
2 optical drives
2 Seagate Barracuda ATA100s
1 case fan

Nearly identical setups, except for maybe the hard drives, and I'm actually running a smaller supply load wise, and model down model line wise. So in theory you shoudl be alright. Need to know your voltages though, and whether you have your drives spread out between the various conenctors, or all on one power strand with a bunch of Ys or something.