Question Does tp link Archer c60 worth to buy?

Jun 11, 2019
I'm looking for a new Wifi Wireless Router for my house. My budget's around $45. My internet speed is 50Mbps and I have about 30 devices in my home (smart wifi switches, smart TV, few phones, 1 PC, 1 laptop, 1 wifi camera).

Does TP LINK Acher C60 enough for me? Thanks
It is likely good enough for most people. People want the fanciest device with the largest number when they don't actually need it. Then again that is true of many things in life.

On wired ports almost any router can do gigabits speeds (assuming it has gigabit lan/wan ports) so it will easily keep up with a 50mbps connection. For wireless most end devices only have 2 antenna. So on 2.4g this means it can only user 2x150 ie 300 encoding. The router you list can support 3x150 on 2.4g for 450 but it will not be used you do not have a end device that can actually use it. This is even more true for all those $300 routers you see. Does no good if they support 4x4 mu-mimo using 1024 qam data encoding when almost no device also supports it. But it makes good marketing numbers and people feel good because they brag to their friends about their big "number" :)

If you can get that for $45 that is a good price. Tplink also has very good support which is important if you have a hardware or software problem.
Hard to say on the pricing why some cost more and some cost less. It varies a lot country to country. There are many refurb/used routers being sold also which makes the pricing confusing.

Just buy a router that has a 1200 number or larger that is in your price range from one of the better know router manufactures and you will likely have no issues.